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Door finger guards prevent painful and serious finger entrapment accidents.

What is Fingerguards?

What are finger guards

Finger guards improve door safety in schools, nurseries, offices, fast food outlets, restaurants, shops and many other buildings with general public access.

We offer a wide range of finger protectors designed to eliminate the risk of finger trapping in both the major and minor hinge gaps of interior doors and exterior doors and gates.

These devices are installed by many high street ‘names’, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and healthcare buildings worldwide.

Finger Entrapment Facts

Finger accidents facts

U.K. (under the age of 15)

  • 30,000 trap their fingers every year
  • 1,500 a year needing some form of surgery
  • Several finger amputations every year

A closing door can exert a massive amount of pressure on fingers or hands trapped in the hinge gap. Prevent finger trapping accidents by fitting door finger guards.

Our Top 4 Selling Door Finger Guards

Check out our top selling finger guards ideal for schools, nurseries, offices, fast food outlets, restaurants, shops and many other buildings with general public access.

FingerKeeper Commercial Front (Anthracite Grey)

An Anthracite Grey Door Finger Guard | New colour | Prevent finger trapping accidents in doors | Easy fit, low maintenance | Can be fitted to most types of doors including wood, metal and uPVC.

FingerKeeper Industrial TPV (Black)

A heavy duty finger-pinch protection device | Suited to demanding environments | For interior or exterior doors | 2100mm lengths with Black guard material.

Finger Defender RPQR (Quick Release Roller Blind Finger Guard)

Proven standard roller door protector | The fibre fabric is washable and difficult to ignite B1 | 2,000,000 test cycles | length is 1925mm in a Satin Anodised Aluminium colour.

Finger Guard Clear

Transparent finger guard for interior doors | Easy-fit, self-adhesive | Light Duty Domestic Use.

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View All Finger Guard Products

View all our fingerguard products

Many styles and colours available


View All Front Finger Guard Products

View all our front fingerguard products

Many front types and colours available


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Browse our range of safety prodocts

Safety Products

Safety products at Fingerguards

Corner Guard - Safety Padding minimises injury and damage in collisions of children, adults or vehicles with the sharp edges of walls, support pillars etc. Padding products are manufactured to the highest standards and to the optimum specification for its purpose and operating environment. For example the corner guard intended to protect children is manufactured from child safe materials. Browse our selection...

Specialised Guard Products

Specialised safety door guards at Fingerguards

These door finger guards are either all metal or use metal as an essential part of their design. Most guards shown here are designed for particular applications or door types / fixings. For example, automated doors are best matched with a ‘roller blind’ finger guard design (which can also be used on manually operating doors). Automated doors often have high activity levels so any finger guard installation needs to be reliable and low maintenance. Browse our selection...

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Equipment at Fingerguards

Is your fire safety equipment up to UK Standards. Stormflame has a range of fire safety equipment, enabling you to have the tools to stay safe and in control. Low prices on a range of fire blankets, fire signs, fire buckets, fire document holders, fire door seals, emergency hammer, emergency key box, emergency gas horn and fire sand. Ideal for most kitchens and for domestic and commercial use. Browse our selection...


Low prices on fingerguards


Tough and strong fingerguards

All of our finger guards are simple to install – only basic diy skills needed

We would be delighted to advise on suitable finger protection to meet your door safety requirements and budget to ensure that your doors are finger-safe now and for the future.

Finger trapping risks are increasingly being targeted in Health and Safety inspections: schools and businesses are expected to assess the risks and install finger guards to doors as appropriate. For example, it may be appropriate to fit guards to entrances, toilet doors, storage cupboards and exterior gates as well as the more obvious classroom and corridor doors.

Our comprehensive range of door guards covers most door materials and types, including fire doors and manual or automated operating doors in timber, metal and uPVC, with opening angles of up to 180 degrees. Some guards are available with embedded anti-bacterial additives, suitable for use in hospitals etc. RAL colour coding is available, to order, for some guards.

All of our finger guards are full length, offering full protection against fingers entering the dangerous space along the hinged side of doors.

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